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REST OF THE WORLD – John Spary Associates

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Booked by Greek ad agency The Newtons Laboratory to shoot a 'responsible gaming' commercial for OPAP, the Greek lottery. The prod. co. was Boo Productions. It's a fun role-reversal story. Here it is.

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I have made four new MUTE films, my deadpan series that adheres to three strict rules: no dialogue, no camera movement and using only one shot. They will premiere at the London Short Film Festival in January 2015. More soon..

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Shot an extensive campaign for SMYTHS TOY SUPERSTORE out of London prod co. 76 Ltd for the ad agency TBWA Manchester. It's a bit like Toy Story without the animation! Here's the centrepiece brand ad. Interesting to work with toys after my experience with puppets on my Thunderbirds DVLA commercial. If only they were as controllable as human beings...

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I recently directed two ALPEN GOLD commercials for Trehmer Films, Moscow, both of them musical dance numbers. Here's one of them featuring a group of lively museum attendants. The agency was Ogilvy Moscow.

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Directed two MEGAFON spots for Leo Burnett Moscow. Shot in Zagreb, one of the ads features rising star of Croatian cinema, Goran Bogdan. Watch the first one here.

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Shot two CITIBANK commercials for Fibr Films, Moscow, featuring famous Russian comic actor Gosha Kutsenko. You can see one of them here.

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Booked by Park Production, Moscow, to direct an ad for MTS MOBILE phones featuring the well-known Russian celebrity Dmitry Nagiev in a fun send up of retro Soviet tastes. Agency was BBDO Moscow. Here it is.

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Booked by Hype Production for a NYCOMED commercial shooting in Moscow. The agency was Ogilvy Moscow. You can watch it here.

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Directed a KNORR SOUP commercial in Poland for Lowe Warsaw through Oto Film. Features a dancing General. View it here.

Film Four idents

Shot some amusing Film Four idents for JAMESON WHISKEY in a beautiful Georgian house off Brick Lane in London for ad agency TBWA London. There's eight of them in all. Here's one of them.

Stacks Image 531

Directed a COCA-COLA commercial for PromoSeven, Cairo. It's the first part of a "Doses of Fun" campaign. Check it out here.